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Evian Alexander Wang
Evian Alexander Wang

Since 2008 Evian has collaborated with the world’s most esteemed designers to create the Limited Edition bottles. Evian’s 2016 limited edition is a collaboration with Alexander Wang. The bottle design features his signature bar code logo on two contrasting bottles, one black and one white ... more

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blk alkaline mineral water, comes infused with naturally black fulvic trace minerals. The innovative infusion of fulvic trace minerals with fresh alkaline spring water, gives blk it’s distinctive black color. Fulvic trace minerals are thought to contain an abundance of natural plant sourced nutrients including: natural electrolytes, amino acids, 77 trace minerals, and antioxidants. The resulting water has an alkaline pH of 8.0 plus ... more.
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Font D’or
Font D'or
Font D’or, meaning ‘spring of gold’, is sourced from a spring at an altitude of 1,000 metres in the Montseny-Guilleries massif, and is one of Spain’s top selling natural spring waters. Its mineral content provides an excellent ratio to activate the biophysiological mechanisms for healthy hydration and maintenance of our body’s water balance. In Spain it has always been recommended for use in preparing baby foods. Serve as a palate cleanser or match with soft cheese and seafood ... more.
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Malavella is sourced from the Caldes de Malavella, famous for its mineral baths, in the southern Girona region of Catalonia, Spain. Malavella is a naturally carbonated volcanic artesian water, which emerges at a temperature of 60 degrees Celsius. The highly mineralised water also contains trace amounts of lithium. Its natural carbonation provides a fine bead of gas in the glass which, with its distinctive bottle design, makes Malavella a very appealing water for the epicurean setting ... more.
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SuckUK Key Bottle Opener
SuckUK Key Bottle Opener
The SuckUK Key Bottle Opener sits silently on your keyring until needed. It will always be there and out of sight until you find yourself in one of those situations when one doesn’t always carry a bottle opener in their purse or back pocket. Surprise those around you and make new instant friends ... more.
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If you missed it, here is the online version of the original aquadeli water tasting feature. Cheers!
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Featured Book
The Good Water Guide

The Good Water Guide

Last published in 1994, The Good Water Guide remains an authoritative reference to the classic spa towns and springs where many of the famous brands we now know as common house names come from. Any serious water aficionado should have this book in their collection ... more

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