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Vichy Catalan

Vichy Catalan
Spain’s No.1 selling mineral water and one of Europe’s legendary waters was first bottled in 1889, the same year the Eiffel Tower opens, Charlie Chaplin is born and the Coca-Cola bottling company (previously the Pemberton Medicine Company) is incorporated in Atlanta, Georgia. The Vichy Catalan you are drinking today is the same water from the source which has remained unchanged since it was first bottled ... more

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New Zealand
The local Maori revered it as ‘Te Rata’ (‘The Doctor’) for hundreds of years, bathing in and drinking the water. In 1875, Waiwera water was first bottled in its distinctive Georgia Green bottle and promoted as ‘the elixir of life’, making Waiwera the first bottled water in the Southern Hemisphere.
The Waiwera region has a unique geological composition and is perfectly positioned at the catchment area of one of the Southern Hemisphere’s largest aquifers, estimated to be several kilometres deep. Carbon dating reveals the water from Waiwera aquifer to be at least 15,000 years old, which makes it one of the oldest in the world. Full of biodiversity and an ecologically sustainable region, the Waiwera source has
remained protected from human disruptive activities since prehistoric times. Available in a range of sizes from 350mL up to 1.5L, glass and PET, still and sparkling. Waiwera Original Bottle
Bicarbonates less than 20
Calcium 12.0
Chloride 30.0
Flouride -
Magnesium 2.6
Nitrate -
Potassium 2.6
Silica -
Sodium 1.2
Sulphates -
TDS (ppm) less than 120
pH 8.5
Website ... Waiwera
Pack Size
Case Price
Sparkling Glass 12x500mL $33.00 ($2.75 each) ADD TO CART
Sparkling Glass 6x1L $30.00 ($5.00 each) ADD TO CART
Still Glass 12x500mL $33.00 ($2.75 each) ADD TO CART
Still Glass 6x1L $30.00 ($5.00 each) ADD TO CART
Still PET 24x350mL $40.80 ($1.70 each) ADD TO CART
Still PET 24x500mL $43.20 ($1.80 each) ADD TO CART
Still PET 12x1L $33.50 ($2.80 each) ADD TO CART
Still PET 12x1.5L $29.50 ($2.45 each) ADD TO CART
Still Sipper 24x400mL $36.00 ($1.50 each) ADD TO CART
Still Sipper 12x750mL $26.50 ($2.20 each) ADD TO CART
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The Good Water Guide

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Last published in 1994, The Good Water Guide remains an authoritative reference to the classic spa towns and springs where many of the famous brands we now know as common house names come from. Any serious water aficionado should have this book in their collection ... more

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