Are you informed about Fluoride in your water?

Fluoride is a salt compound that forms when the element, fluorine, combines with minerals in water, soil or rocks. It most commonly occurs naturally as calcium fluoride in seawater. Fluorine is present in minute amounts in nearly every human tissue, but primarily in the teeth and bones. There are two types:

  • Sodium fluoride, which is commonly added to municipal drinking water, increases the density of bone but also the brittleness. The sodium fluoride added to our water supply is a bi-product of aluminium; an industrial waste that is toxic and difficult to digest. Although it is commonly added to water as a “public service” to prevent tooth decay in children, controversy has surrounded this practice as large amounts of fluoride can weaken the immune system and may cause heart disease, genetic damage, hypothyroidism and cancers.
  • Calcium fluoride is found in nature and is very different to the sodium fluoride added to drinking water. It increases the deposition of calcium in the bones and teeth, reduces acid formation in the mouth (especially from carbohydrates), increases the elasticity of connective tissue, and reduces the movement of minerals out of tooth enamel.
In Auckland, Watercare’s Annual Water Quality report states that “At the request of our customers, Watercare adds fluoride to its metropolitan treated water (except at the Onehunga and Huia Village treatment plants), and at Pukekohe Water Treatment Plant. Watercare is required to monitor fluoride on a weekly basis. The drinking water standards state a maximum acceptable value (MAV) of 1.5 mg/L. Watercare did not exceed this value in 2011/12.” In the 30 years that I lived in Auckland, I don’t remember ever being asked if I want my water fluoridated.Infants should not be given fluoridated water, nor should it be used to make infant formula. Most bottled spring water contains very low levels of fluoride, usually less than 0.1 ppm or mg/L. This is the case for all New Zealand spring waters. If you wish to avoid fluoride they are safe to drink, and are especially suitable for preparing infant formula for babies, and for giving to toddlers and children. We disclose fluoride levels for all individual waters that we sell. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Professor Paul Connett says doctors should be ashamed to support the use of the public water supply to deliver medicine. He says, “Since 1945, when fluoridation began, we haven’t used the public water to deliver any other medicine and for obvious reasons. 1) You can’t control the dose; 2) you can’t control who gets the medicine and 3) it violates the individual’s right to informed consent to medicine. Doctors should know this is lousy medicine and they should not support it.”

Are you informed?

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