About Us

aquadeli is New Zealand’s first and only concept store for water, trading since 2006. We stock New Zealand’s largest range of mineral and spring waters, and specialise in sourcing and supplying ‘natural source waters’. These may be ageless classics like Spains’s Vichy Catalan, or contemporaries such as New Zealand’s Antipodes.

All these waters have one thing in common. They are bottled at source and labelled to show their origin, much like Champagne or Burgundy can only come from one region. Otherwise, just like us, each is unique. Some emerge from their source highly mineralised and naturally carbonated, while others come low in minerals ideal for daily hydration.

For ten years we had a physical store on Mt Eden Road, Auckland, and have fond memories of these times. However, as most of our clients moved to purchasing online we also transitioned to a dedicated online store. We deliver to home and office, yacht and jet, and welcome orders from businesses seeking something to compliment their existing range of beverages for staff or clients.

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