Hydration and Health

Water and health are inextricably linked. Without water we die, and without clean water we can become very ill.

Water also plays a vital role in our nutrition, through hydration, as an aid to digestion, and a source of nutrients.

Not all waters are created equal. Some are low in minerals, and ideal for everyday hydration. Others are rich in essential elements, and ideal as a supplement to our usual diet. It is for this very reason European and American spas and spa towns rose to prominance in the 1800s.

One of the founders of aquadeli is Jo Grofski. Jo is a practising clinical nutritionist and co-owner of aquadeli. She extensively reviewed the “Benefits and Bioavailability of Nutrients in Natural Mineral and Spring Waters” for the research paper she completed as part of her Diploma of Nutrition.

As someone with a passion for health and nutrition through what we consume, Jo is uniquely qualified to advise on personal nutrition, and especially the role water plays in our everyday diet and lifestyle.

Jo has also reviewed the nutritional benefits of various waters on behalf of spring owners seeking an independent endorsement for their brand.

For more advice or a consultation with Jo, you may contact Jo through aquadeli.

Mineral Therapy

Minerals are essential nutrients that can only be obtained from our food and water. Our bodies cannot make them. Therefore we can have underlying mineral imbalances due to both lifestyle factors and the quality of the food and beverages we consume. These imbalances manifest in symptoms such as low energy, poor digestive function, skin disorders, weight gain, and sleep deprivation.

Mineral therapy can help correct these imbalances, which have often developed over many years. If you would like to discusss the health benefits of water further, contact Jo our in-house nutritionist!

pH Balance

pH (potential hydrogen) is the measure of acidity/alkalinity, and ranges from 0 – 14 with 7.0 being neutral. Our bodies naturally have a pH of around 7.4, which is slightly alkaline. However, much of the food and drink we consume is acidic, which can have an adverse impact on our health. In order to keep our blood pH in balance at the correct level, alkaline minerals such as calcium and magnesium are pulled from other tissues such as our bones.

Drinking water containing alkaline minerals can help bring your body back into balance. But which minerals and which waters? If you would like to discusss the health benefits of water further, contact Jo our in-house nutritionist!

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“Not only is it good this mineral water … it is also beautiful. It gurgles out of its green bottle like a chilled and sparkling mountain spring, and arrives in the furred desert of my throat like a benediction.” JB Priestly, from his 1949 book Delight.

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