OnePure New Zealand Alkaline Water 320mL PET

We are pleased to announce the addition of OnePure, 320mL PET bottle, to our product range. This is an ideal smaller pack size for your bar fridge, clients, little one’s school lunch box, corporate jet or limousine service. OnePure is sourced from the Heretaunga Plains aquifer, located in Hawke’s Bay. The aquifer is fed from native forests of the Kaimanawa and Kaweka Ranges charging the Ngaruroro River, the main source of recharge. OnePure is naturally artesian, with moderate levels of reactive silica providing a silky flavour on the palette. It has a naturally alkaline pH of 8.0, with a water matrix of the sodium-bicarbonate type, naturally balanced and enriched with calcium, magnesium, potassium, chloride and sulphate. An ideal local water for everyday hydration.

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