Ocean Water a winner at NZ Food Producer Awards 2022

At the latest New Zealand Food Producer Awards 2022, both Taipa Salt Pig (Gold) and Ocean Water (Silver) were awarded medals, for their respective products, sea salt and freshwater from saltwater. It’s a nice story, you can find on their websites, and being close neighbours a very synergistic and complimentary relationship.
We currently offer both Ocean Water and Taipa Salt Pig as a combo sample pack. Order online for delivery anywhere in the country, if you don’t live in the Taipa or adjacent region, and receive a 50gm pack of Taipa sea salt with your case of 16x350mL Ocean water. 
And we believe freshwater from seawater is a bottled water category you will be seeing a lot more of over coming years. As recent demand for traditional and contemporary mineral and spring waters, from groundwater, has grown so too has interest in alternative harvested waters, from glaciers, icebergs and rain, to give a few examples. And unlike municipal desalinated water, these brands will be aimed at the bottled water consumer.
But for now you have the opportunity to enjoy one of the world’s first, and a unique New Zealand water, in Ocean Freshwater from Seawater. What we also like about Ocean is that it is not a true distilled water void of minerals, even though desalination in this instance is a distillation process, but a water with residual minerals that give it a distinct and subtle flavour on the palate. And a water we enjoyed very much sampling.

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