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PAWS Water now being served on the Petbus

Tuesday, October 17th, 2023

Very excited to be collaborating with Petbus, New Zealand’s premium pet transport operator. Petbus is now serving PAWS Water, natural artesian spring water for companion animals, as the water of choice for their traveling guests. PAWS Water will also be available for purchase from Petbus to take home.

PAWS Water, Natural Artesian Spring Water for Dogs

Monday, September 4th, 2023

We are excited to be launching a completely new and unique product, PAWS Water, natural artesian spring water for dogs. Chances are if you’re not a fan of tap water, your best friend isn’t either. PAWS Water has no added chlorine, just natural spring water direct from the source. Drawn from the Otakiri Aquifer in the Bay of Plenty, considered one of New Zealand’s purest deep system aquifers. PAWS Water is soft, slightly alkaline and rich in silica for a healthy coat. PAWS Water also comes in an environmentally friendly and convenient 10L Bag-in-Box, with much of the packaging made from recycled and recyclable materials. PAWS Water is human friendly too, should your best mate be in a sharing mood. Woofing good water!

OnePure New Zealand Alkaline Water 320mL PET

Wednesday, May 10th, 2023

We are pleased to announce the addition of OnePure, 320mL PET bottle, to our product range. This is an ideal smaller pack size for your bar fridge, clients, little one’s school lunch box, corporate jet or limousine service. OnePure is sourced from the Heretaunga Plains aquifer, located in Hawke’s Bay. The aquifer is fed from native forests of the Kaimanawa and Kaweka Ranges charging the Ngaruroro River, the main source of recharge. OnePure is naturally artesian, with moderate levels of reactive silica providing a silky flavour on the palette. It has a naturally alkaline pH of 8.0, with a water matrix of the sodium-bicarbonate type, naturally balanced and enriched with calcium, magnesium, potassium, chloride and sulphate. An ideal local water for everyday hydration.

Aquas de Mondariz celebrating 150 years

Wednesday, April 26th, 2023

Spanish natural spring water Aquas de Mondariz is celebrating 150 years. And for the first time, Mondariz is available in New Zealand from aquadeli. The Peinador brothers discovered the Gándara spring, the source of Mondariz, in 1872. Bottling began the following year, and the town quickly became a popular spa resort. In 1905, after more than thirty years being sold as mineral-medicinal water in pharmacies, the waters began to be sold commercially under the Aguas de Mondariz trademark. Healthy levels of bicarbonate and a subtle mix of other minerals make Mondariz an ideal accompaniment to any dining experience, and ideal for everyday hydration. Enjoy!

Ocean Water a winner at NZ Food Producer Awards 2022

Monday, June 13th, 2022
At the latest New Zealand Food Producer Awards 2022, both Taipa Salt Pig (Gold) and Ocean Water (Silver) were awarded medals, for their respective products, sea salt and freshwater from saltwater. It’s a nice story, you can find on their websites, and being close neighbours a very synergistic and complimentary relationship.
We currently offer both Ocean Water and Taipa Salt Pig as a combo sample pack. Order online for delivery anywhere in the country, if you don’t live in the Taipa or adjacent region, and receive a 50gm pack of Taipa sea salt with your case of 16x350mL Ocean water. 
And we believe freshwater from seawater is a bottled water category you will be seeing a lot more of over coming years. As recent demand for traditional and contemporary mineral and spring waters, from groundwater, has grown so too has interest in alternative harvested waters, from glaciers, icebergs and rain, to give a few examples. And unlike municipal desalinated water, these brands will be aimed at the bottled water consumer.
But for now you have the opportunity to enjoy one of the world’s first, and a unique New Zealand water, in Ocean Freshwater from Seawater. What we also like about Ocean is that it is not a true distilled water void of minerals, even though desalination in this instance is a distillation process, but a water with residual minerals that give it a distinct and subtle flavour on the palate. And a water we enjoyed very much sampling.

Fresh Water from Seawater Powered by the Sun

Friday, January 21st, 2022

We are pleased to announce the addition of Ocean to our range of locally sourced waters.

Ocean is a naturally desalinated water, a unique water and the first water of its kind from New Zealand. Unlike mineral waters, championed for their mineral content, Ocean is almost devoid of minerals and by its nature a cleansing water. But unlike purified waters, Ocean has a soft, subtle and satisfying flavour on the palate.

Ocean is hand harvested and produced in small batches, a truly artisan water. Fresh seawater is subjected to a natural desalination process, followed by filtration and exposure to UV light, all powered by solar. With nothing going to waste, the residual concentrated brine is recovered and refined into salt by neighbouring and complimentary business the Taipa Salt Pig.

There is a lot we like about Ocean. Every aspect of the product and process, down to the adhesive on the paper label, has had a lot of thought put into it with a focus on sustainability and recyclability. The Ocean production facility is entirely off grid.

Ocean is now available from aquadeli in cases of 16 x 350mL bottles. We have included in each case, one 50gm bag of the Taipa Salt Pig 100% natural salt, the same salt that has been extracted from the water. Ocean would be the perfect accompaniment to your favourite local fish and chips, or perhaps a dram of South Island single malt if that is your persuasion.

As the team at Ocean say, ‘made from seawater and sunshine’, perhaps we feel with a pinch of love thrown in.

Welcome Back Ferrarelle!

Sunday, January 2nd, 2022

We are pleased to announce the return of Ferrarelle. This will be the first time Ferrarelle has been available in New Zealand for some time, and so fondly remembered by many.

Ferrarelle comes from the valley of the River Assano (also known as Bagni meaning baths), in the Campania region north east of Naples, in the shadow of an extinct volcano by the name of Roccamonfina. The still active Mt Vesuvius is only 60km away.

Ferrarelle’s reputation was already well established in Roman times. Hannibal is reputed to have rested his troops at the source, and legend has it Ferrarelle mixed so well with wine the troops could drink day and night with no ill affects. Ferrarelle, as we know it today, has been bottled since 1893.

Ferrarelle’s high mineral content and natural carbonation ensures it remains one of Italy’s most popular sparkling waters. Ferrarelle is also rich in both bicarbonates and calcium, making it an ideal dining accompaniment.

Iskild, a Danish Delight

Wednesday, October 13th, 2021

We opened our first physical water shop in 2006, At the time New Zealand had few imported mineral waters, other than the ubiquitous Italian San Pellegrino, and French brands Perrier and Evian. However, the market did have one emerging contemporary brand called Antipodes, as a nod to the British reference to countries down under. Much like New Zealand, other countries had their own emerging contemporary local brands that were gaining traction.

Canada had BERG from Newfoundland, Scotland Speyside Glenlivet, and Wales Ty Nant, to name a few. Scandinavian waters were also gaining recognition on the world stage, spearheaded by VEEN of Finland and VOSS of Norway. In Denmark the contemporary local brand was ISKILDE, meaning cold spring (since rebranded ISKILD). ISKILD had the class of VEEN and VOSS, but at a more affordable price point, so became our Scandinavian water of choice.

ISKLD is tapped from an artesian aquifer in a pristine area south of Åbenrå Fjord, and emerges at a temperature around 8C. The brand has an interesting pedigree. As the story goes, it has been known for its taste and drinkability since 1561 when Duke Hans the Elder of Schleswig-Holstein appropriated it after sampling the water at a local inn. Perhaps the fine waters of Denmark are another reason the country has long been associated with its internationally renowned beers Carlsberg and Tuborg.

ISKLD is mildly alkaline, pH 7.6, and with a medium total dissolved solids (TDS) mineral content of 325mg/L, enough to impart its distinctive flavour. Dominant minerals include bicarbonates, calcium and magnesium, making ISKILD by definition a moderately hard water. It is these minerals that also give waters their velvety texture on the tongue, one contributor to “mouth feel”. With natural oxygen from its source, these qualities make ISKILD an ideal food matching water in any epicurean setting.

Lastly, a word of warning for water / wine sommeliers. Because ISKILD is a lightly carbonated water, but naturally infused with oxygen, the sparkling does not appear to have an obvious sparkle until on the palette, while the still develops a fine bead of bubbles when left to sit in the glass. This can create a dilemma for the water / wine sommelier attentively topping up glasses, not knowing if one is still or sparkling, and on occasions potentially mistaking still for sparkling.


Acqua Frisia, a taste of Italy

Thursday, April 22nd, 2021

One of the perks and pleasures from owning an online retail water business is sampling new, and sometimes lessor known, classic waters from around the world. It is also a pleasant surprise when the waters turn out to be both refreshing, in the sense of branding, and appealing in taste. So it was refreshing in both respects to have samples of Acqua Frisia from Italy arrive on our doorstep recently.

Most global beer brands today have origins dating from natural spring water sources chosen for their respective qualities to produce great beers. Underlying its refreshing contemporary branding, the Frisia water source dates from 1867, at which time it was a renowned brewery famous for the Italian beer brand Birra Spluga. And the business may again produce craft beers one day.

In 1958 production of Frisia Water began at the brewing facility, a lesson many breweries and distilleries today could learn from. And in 1980 Frisia began door-to-door sales in Milan, an early precursor to today’s online ordering for home and office, and something the aquadeli business has been built on and excelling at since 2006.

Production ceased for a period from 2014, and in 2018 a group of investors, led by Italian Roger de Bellegarde, purchased the assets of the business with a vision to rejuvenating the brand. Production of Frisia recommenced in 2020 and from the same historic facility, but with new plant and sustainable environmentally friendly production processes.

There is a lot we like about Frisia. One of the business’s guiding principals is sustainable production with respect to social, economic and environmental impact, something we can relate to in terms of managed water stewardship and sustainability. And this was one pillar of the Frisia team’s relaunch of the brand in 2020.

The branding is elegant, with modest functional packaging, including recyclable glass bottles and aluminium closures, and environmentally friendly wash-off paper labels. This is something we also strive for in our own business, and look for in suppliers. There is a nod to the sixties with a labelling selection featuring couples on an Italian motor scooter, classic wooden powerboat, and downhill skier.

Did we mention taste? Frisia is a relatively low mineral (90mg/L), slightly alkaline (pH 7.2), natural artesian still water. A refreshing hydrating beverage on its own, or perfect foil for foods which need to be centre of attention (think freshly shucked oysters). Frisia would compliment any fine scotch or vodka, and its relative low mineral content makes for perfect ice.

Frisia Frizante (sparkling) has a fine bubble and bead, reminiscent of Badoit without the elevated minerality (a healthy 1200mg/L), with bubbles freely bursting on the face when raising a glass to drink, a truly refreshing experience. The taste verges on slightly sweet, a by-product of carbonation, with a satisfying cleansing mouth feel on the palate.

Frisia is available throughout Italy, and currently exported to several European markets.

Brands come, brands go.

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2020

If you were searching for a brand and landed here, it may no longer be available, no longer available in New Zealand, or we may just no longer stock it. However, if you are interested in water, then you have arrived at the right place. We started aquadeli, and opened one of the world’s first concept water stores for mineral waters, in 2006. At the time a few classic mineral waters were available in New Zealand, including Evian, Gerolsteiner, Perrier and San Pellegrino. There was also an emerging new generation of contemporary brands, such as VOSS, VEEN, New Zealand’s Antipodes and Waiwera (actually relaunch of a long established iconic spa water). Over the years we have seen many brands come and go, distributors and producers too. Some have included, Berg, Borjomi, Borsec, Fine, Lauquen, ISKILDE, OGO and Speyside Glenlivet, to name a few. We supported and enjoyed many of these while they were available. This list doesn’t include New Zealand domestic brands, of which there have been a few. Thanks for visiting!

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