Alkaline pH > 7.5

Alkaline pH > 7.5

The alkalinity of water is decided by the minerals it contains. Alkaline minerals include calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium. The higher the levels of these minerals, the more alkaline the water will be. Naturally still alkaline waters, when carbonated will become acidic due to the carbonation process.

Alkaline water (as opposed to acidic water) has a pH of 7 and above. pH (“potential hydrogen”) is a measure of acidity/alkalinity ranging from 0-14, with a pH of 7.0 being neutral. Our body’s blood and cells are naturally slightly alkaline (pH 7.4). However, the foods and beverages we consume tend to be acidic, upsetting the body’s natural balance. Consuming an alkaline water helps keep the body in equilibrium.

The NZ Drinking Water Standards guideline value for drinking water pH is 7-8.5. However, this doesn’t mean that drinking water outside this range is bad for you. Our bodies are very complex metabolically so it’s all about the balance of our diet as a whole, not a single component such as a glass of water. Bottled spring and mineral water generally ranges in pH from 5-10.

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