Welcome Back Ferrarelle!

We are pleased to announce the return of Ferrarelle. This will be the first time Ferrarelle has been available in New Zealand for some time, and so fondly remembered by many.

Ferrarelle comes from the valley of the River Assano (also known as Bagni meaning baths), in the Campania region north east of Naples, in the shadow of an extinct volcano by the name of Roccamonfina. The still active Mt Vesuvius is only 60km away.

Ferrarelle’s reputation was already well established in Roman times. Hannibal is reputed to have rested his troops at the source, and legend has it Ferrarelle mixed so well with wine the troops could drink day and night with no ill affects. Ferrarelle, as we know it today, has been bottled since 1893.

Ferrarelle’s high mineral content and natural carbonation ensures it remains one of Italy’s most popular sparkling waters. Ferrarelle is also rich in both bicarbonates and calcium, making it an ideal dining accompaniment.

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