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Fresh Water from Seawater Powered by the Sun

Friday, January 21st, 2022

We are pleased to announce the addition of Ocean to our range of locally sourced waters.

Ocean is a naturally desalinated water, a unique water and the first water of its kind from New Zealand. Unlike mineral waters, championed for their mineral content, Ocean is almost devoid of minerals and by its nature a cleansing water. But unlike purified waters, Ocean has a soft, subtle and satisfying flavour on the palate.

Ocean is hand harvested and produced in small batches, a truly artisan water. Fresh seawater is subjected to a natural desalination process, followed by filtration and exposure to UV light, all powered by solar. With nothing going to waste, the residual concentrated brine is recovered and refined into salt by neighbouring and complimentary business the Taipa Salt Pig.

There is a lot we like about Ocean. Every aspect of the product and process, down to the adhesive on the paper label, has had a lot of thought put into it with a focus on sustainability and recyclability. The Ocean production facility is entirely off grid.

Ocean is now available from aquadeli in cases of 16 x 350mL bottles. We have included in each case, one 50gm bag of the Taipa Salt Pig 100% natural salt, the same salt that has been extracted from the water. Ocean would be the perfect accompaniment to your favourite local fish and chips, or perhaps a dram of South Island single malt if that is your persuasion.

As the team at Ocean say, ‘made from seawater and sunshine’, perhaps we feel with a pinch of love thrown in.

When The Rivers Run Dry – Fred Pearce

Monday, September 7th, 2020

“The one-word review of Pearce’s book is: Terrifying. Whether he’s writing about the Indian peasant farmers who draw from poisoned wells every day, the oblivious Arizonans who run fountains in the desert, or the apocalytic moonscape that is the Aral Sea, Pearce manages to convey the immense wreckage human activity is making of our lifeblood.” – John McGrath – Grist. A thought provoking read!

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