Gerolsteiner is a naturally sparkling mineral water from Germany, with elevated levels of calcium and magnesium adding to its hardness. With big bubbles and above average mineral content, Gerolsteiner leaves a lasting impression on the pallet, and for athletes or the health conscious an added edge.

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Analysis mg/L

  • Bicarbonate 1816
  • Calcium 348
  • Chloride 39.7
  • Fluoride 0.21
  • Magnesium 108
  • Nitrate -
  • Potassium 10.8
  • Silica -
  • Sodium 118
  • Sulphate 38.3
  • Hardness 1302
  • TDS 2488
  • pH 5.9
  • Carbonation Natural


  • Highly mineralised
  • Naturally sparkling
  • Calcium rich
  • Magnesium rich


Roman soldiers were amongst the first to savor the fresh mineral water from Gerolstein’s wells when they started occupying the region in the Gallic war (58-50 B.C.). It was in 1888 that mine director Wilhelm Castendyck founded the Gerolsteiner Sprudel company, utilising clay jugs to begin with and switching to glass bottles as of 1900. Volcanic origins, unique to the Volcanic Eifel region surrounding Gerolstein, contribute to high levels of Calcium and Magnesium, Magnesium being the ‘heavy-duty-element’ of the metabolism, essential to the interaction of muscles and nerves. A litre of Gerolsteiner covers one third of the daily requirements for these two nutrients. At the same time, the balance of other minerals makes Gerolsteiner a custom-made natural mineral supplement. All of the trace elements as well as the carbon dioxide contained in Gerolsteiner occur naturally and come directly from the depths of the Vulkaneifel (Volcanic Eifel). Also contains trace amounts of Lithium, Ammonium, Strontium, Barium, Manganese, Bromide, Hydrogen Phosphate and Hydrogen Carbonate.

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