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The book has a US and convenience bottled water focus, and in particular Nestle and their purchase and commercialisation of Poland Spring in Maine and its impact on the local townspeople of Fryeburg (corporate vs small town America). There are though some well researched chapters about the treatment processes and delivery of traditonal 'tap' water which will get you wondering. A good read!

Water is at once the most ordinary and extraordinary substance because, without it, nothing else survives. Today, global pressures on freshwater raise the spectre of pollution scares, irrigation shortages, rivers so massively dammed and diverted they do not reach the sea, even of 'water wars'. This No-Nonsense Guide examines the world water crisis in its many dimensions. Illustrated with easy to comprehend charts and images this book is a must read snapshot of the world we now live in from a water stress perspective.

This “Revised - Up To Date” edition was last published in 1994, but remains one of the few definitive guides to the classic bottled waters of the world. While it doesn't include many hundreds of recent contemporary and designer brands, it is an authoritative guide to the classic spa towns and springs with a particular focus on Europe. This was our original go to reference and learning guide to mineral waters. Any serious water aficionado will want this book in their collection, and we recommend it as a great starting point for understanding the history and evolution of mineral water...

Christopher Vasey is a naturopath specialising in detoxification and rejuvenation. In his book he explains not only why water is so essential to our health but also what quantities we should drink and when. In addition, he provides ten water cures that will rehydrate the deepest levels of the body, remove toxins, and restore vital minerals.

This book is a good starting point for any aspiring water aficionado. Touted as the connoisseur’s guide to the world’s most distinctive bottled waters. Michael Mascha is a recognised commentator on the subject of bottled waters. The book features 100 of the world’s classic and contemporary bottled water brands, their sources, flavours, and history - along with reviews and full colour photos.

The look, feel and concept of a package is crucial to its sales success. ‘Box, Bottle, Bag’ contains more than 140 projects that have succeeded on many levels. Designs are grouped into styles including Luxe, Bold, Crisp, Charming, Casual and Nostalgic. Since its launch in early 2010, ‘Box, Bottle, Bag’ has become one of the top selling package design books. From, this book is a must for design companies, packaging specialists and aspiring brand owners.

Life’s Matrix tells of water’s origins, its history, and its fascinating pervasiveness: there are, for example, at least fourteen different forms of ice! There is water on the sun and the moon, and there may be enough of it beneath the surface of the Earth to refill the oceans thirty times over. Authur Philip Ball also surveys the grim realities of our natural resources, and shows how water will become a scarce commodity in the twenty-first century.

‘You’re Not Sick, You’re Thirsty! - Water for Health, for Healing, for Life’ is Dr Batmanghelij’s followup to ‘Your Body’s Many Cries for Water’, updated and written in an easily read style. Based on more than twenty years of clinical and scientific research into the role of water in the body. One of several must read books for those who are health conscious about their lifestyles and the waters they drink.

“The one-word review of Pearce’s book is: Terrifying. Whether he’s writing about the Indian peasant farmers who draw from poisoned wells every day, the oblivious Arizonans who run fountains in the desert, or the apocalytic moonscape that is the Aral Sea, Pearce manages to convey the immense wreckage human activity is making of our lifeblood.” - John McGrath - Grist. A thought provoking read!

The use of natural mineral spring water for the prevention and cure of disease dates back 5,000 years to the Bronze Age. Natural springs were also revered by indigineous peoples, including Maori who would regularly bath in them following battle. ‘Taking the Waters’ peaked in the late nineteenth century in Europe, the US, and colonial outposts. Today spas are experiencing a revival as an escape for relaxation and recuperation from our busy lifestyles. Nathaniel Altman is a medical writer and researcher who has written fifteen books on alternative healing.

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